Thursday, January 20, 2011

I too had a love story.....A Novel to remember

I think many of us had already read that awesum real love story of Ravindra and khushi.......nd u guys must remember d lines:

            "tere jane ka asar kuch iss tarah hua mujh par,
             ki tujhe dhondte-2 maine khud ko paa liya"

but a fan of his extends sum more lines which i cant resist reading while im depress or in case i need sum inner motivation.

So enjoy guys,

       " tere jane ka asar kuch iss tarah hua mujh par,
         ki tujhe dhondte-2 maine khud ko paa liya,
        apne dil k dard ko apni khamoshi mein chupa liya...
        sochta hu jab khuda ki khudai k bare mein,
        aise do ashiqoon ki judai k bare mein...
       ...ashq chalakta hai akhoon mein meri,
        jab sochta hu uski tanhai k baare mein...
        phir bhi khush hu k juda ho kar b khushi mujhse juda naa ho saki!!!
        khuda ki ye saazish mukammal ho na saki,
        apni tanhaiyoon mein main yaad khushi ko karta hu,
        mehsus khusi ko karta hu...
        Sajda khushi ka karta hu...
        hairaan hoon dekh k kaun itna pyar karta hai,
        ...tu chali gayi us jahan mein,
        main tujhe iss jahan mein yaad karta hu.........."


  1. There is only word I can say "WOW" Its just absolutely and amazing :) Convey this to the writer of this poem " Man , its just superb !! I too have read the novel and felt , as every reader, but then you have penned it so so beautifully and I am sure if Ravi reads this , he will be able to relate to this .. Amazing work dude , keep it up !

  2. dude i read the book wid tears....n cudnt even stop crying i saw ur i was googling his comments n u made me cried again....i have no heart to take more emotions....just feeling very low......i hope no one wud suffer this again n ur last two lines were amazing good going bro

  3. on of d best novels of ma collection!!!

  4. just owsm.. hav no words 2 describ hw gud these lines r.. it s d best novel.. no1 can end this novel without rolling down some tears on their cheeks.. it s owsm..

  5. Just like everyone i burst into tears,its full of only and only true love
    And i will also want to dedicate some lines from my mind to Ravinder Sir and his love(as im not so better but a good shayar)
    Mai dua karta hu apne rab se
    Ki mujhe bhi to us dard ko mehsoos karwa jo dard tune meri 'khushi' ko diya tha
    Mujhe bhi to ehsaas hona chahiye apne pyaar se dur jaane ka

  6. wll....i hv nvr gone through ny luv stories....evn i dnt lyk all ya dese lines r nyc!!!!!

  7. i wish no one else undergoes this pain...
    i nvr read such a touching story in my life...its great, awsome

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  9. dis ws an awsm stry which brght tearz off my eyez n didnt end till i had a talk wit my love..i bet frnz itz gonna shw u wtz true lovez meant

  10. its really awsum ....i feel ds story 4m mi heart......